Studio for violin and bow making

The studio for violin and bow making is the culmination of two complementary personalities, careers and work ethics founded in 2007.

Nicholas Gooch and Irina Feichtl are not only colleagues, but have also been close friends for years. The mutual understanding of each other's ideas and aims provides a solid basis for a successful working partnership. This environment paired with the passion for new making as well as restoration brings every possibility to fulfill the individual needs and requirements of musicians.

While the violin maker Nicholas Gooch has many years of experience in new making and restoration of stringed instruments, Irina Feichtl has concentrated the past years in the field of bow making and restoration.

Here you will find professionalism, thorough advice and above all enthusiasm towards every aspect of work, from new making, through all techniques of restoration, rental instruments, up to the sale of professional quality instruments.

Bass bow

The idea behind this design was to make a bass bow which performs functionally and acoustically well but is inspired mostly by cello and violin bow design.

The bow should:

  • Be more flexible than a standard bass bow
  • Have a longer bowing length
  • Have a slightly narrower hair band width
  • Have a frog should have less height than normal
  • Have a stick with a stronger camber, more resembling a violin bow
  • Work well with lower tension bass strings

Due to the extra length of the bow, it was expected that the stick would be heavier than normal. To counteract this, the stick was worked relatively thin and given a stronger camber. To help with the balance of the bow the frog was given relatively massive silver-work. The result is a comfortable bow with a direct response and good flexibility. Due to this overall success, further bows of this model will definitely be made.


At the beginning of 2012 Nicholas Gooch designed this new violin model. Inspired by a violin from Carlo Bergonzi of Cremona in 1742, this model is beautifully balanced across all four strings and produces a powerful smooth, dark sound.