Are you looking for a new instrument or bow?

Whether you are a student just beginning to learn, a keen amateur or a professional musician we will take our time to find the right solution for you. In our shop you will find a selection of old and new, high quality instruments of various prices.

To allow you sufficient time to make the right choice, it is possible for instruments to be taken over an extended period on approval. Please call to make an appointment.

For information about instruments and bows hand made by Nicholas and Irina, please contact us regarding availability, current projects and possible waiting times.


Strings, chin rests, shoulder rests, rosin and many other stringed instrument accessories are available to try out and buy in our shop. We like to stay informed about the very latest products available and will happily help you find the correct combination of fittings to achieve the optimum comfortable set up for you. Every player is different and therefore requires an individual solution to fit their body dimensions. It is important to take enough time with this procedure as playing over a long period of time with a bad posture can lead to injury and complications later on.

Obviously we would be happy to order any items for you which we do not have in stock.

We also offer cases for stringed instruments and bows. We are stockists of cases from T.A.Timms in England, makers of traditional laminated wooden cases. These cases follow on a tradition of case making in England from W.E.Hill & Sons, M.A.Gordge through to T.A.Timms today. In our opinion these are the finest hand made wooden cases available.


Rental Instruments

To make any instrument fun to play, especially when learning, it is critical for it to have a proper and good functioning set up. Therefore every rental instrument (violin & viola) receives a high quality set up from us.